Char is a wonderful teacher, I felt I learnt more on position in our private lesson than I have in years. My chaturanga is correct and after years of bad posture I can feel my shoulders getting stronger. Char is a kind and gentle soul whom I’m very grateful to have met.



I had a wonderful one hour Reiki class with Charlotte. Since I have never had a Reiki session before, I did not know what to expect.
I was truly positively surprised. Charlotte is a very caring, gentle and mindful person. She not only treated me with a hot cacao before the treatment, but also made me feel at absolute ease. The little ceremony before the actual treatment helped me a lot to calm down, connect to Charlotte and feel relaxed. The treatment was accompanied by music that helped my mind switch off. I could feel some vibrations through my body within the hour. After the session, I felt super light and somewhat released. Anyone who needs some inner healing, go and enjoy the Reiki session with Charlotte!


The first Reiki session I’d ever experienced was was with Char and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. I arrived with minimal knowledge of what to expect in terms of the experience, which meant I didn’t have huge expectations of any particular outcome.
The treatment lasted one hour and during I felt incredibly comfortable and in an almost meditative state. At times I felt a particularly strong surge of feeling/tingling and twitching in certain areas of my body, which then felt weightless. Towards the end of the session (with my eyes closed) I could see green colours which slowly morphed in and out of purple. Char explained afterwards that these are the colours of the heart and mind chakras, both of which she was concentrating her work on during the session with me. I was blown away!
The studio is a very peaceful and relaxing environment and the session throughout had a backdrop of continuous ambient new age music, which was never too intrusive and added nicely to the experience.
I’d had a particularly stressful day that day and following the session felt somewhat more in control of life, with less anxiety around things I needed to tackle. I would highly recommend Char and will be visiting her again in the near future 🙂


I had a 1 hour reiki treatment with Char and it was an amazing experience!! Char made me feel completely at ease from the beginning, and the atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxing. She played soft vibrational music which really helped me to switch off from my thoughts. The reiki itself was incredible – I felt currents of energy moving throughout my body and afterwards felt very centred and grounded. I was dealing with anxiety and overwhelm before my session, but felt a lot calmer and more relaxed for the rest of the day afterwards and the following days. I will definitely be going back for another session 🙂